Valodas 1.72

A little help to improve vocabulary in a foreign language


  • Lots of downloadable dictionaries
  • Varied activities and games
  • You can study more than one language at a time


  • Strange selection of vocabulary

Very good

Valodas helps you improve your vocabulary and memorize new words – probably the most difficult bit of studying a foreign language.

The best thing about Valodas is the impressive amount of languages it supports. Simply visit the Download section in the developer’s website, choose your native language and the language you’re interested in learning and download the corresponding dictionary file. Then open it from Valodas and you’ll be ready to start studying. You can also import new words to Valodas from a text or CSV file.

The interface in Valodas is quite simple and very functional. It features a series of tabs on top, which you can use to switch from one activity to another. The program includes lists of words, flashcards and a nice collection of games. There’s also a built-in dictionary for each language.

Valodas is a nice complement to other language study resources, such as books, podcasts, online language communities and of course, traditional language lessons. On the downside, we found the choice of vocabulary to be quite strange, with words that are not particularly common or useful.

Valodas can help you improve vocabulary when studying a foreign language.

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Valodas 1.72

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